Sunday, 5 September 2010

Mobile Devices Should be About Neither Mobility nor Devices.

[...] One universal we may forget is that our bodies are naturally untethered - that is, wireless is our natural state. (...) to be mobile is to be human. Let's get beyond the thrill of mobility; we're only getting closer to what it should have been all along.

[...] Here's another universal: Human beings live in a social world, which they co-create in conversation. Enriching our conversation with shared experiences brings us closer together. (...) So just as "mobility" is a natural state and hence a distinction we can lose, "social networking" is a natural state, to which 50 years of computing is just now catching up. 

[...] Mobile devices, check. Social media, check. Next up, shall we have a go at expanding the number of cool apps, or perhaps design for being human? Think about this and then ask what it would mean to carry a thousand friends in your pocket.

Via Paul Pangaro on Interactions November/December 2009.

Why I blog this:

Paul makes a very good point to take into consideration the 'universals' or basic human behavior and long-known artifacts when we design new experiences.

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